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William Thompson

William Thompson

HEMS Commander | Ex-Navy Pilot

As a professional helicopter pilot of 25 years I have found Pilots Who Ask Why to be an excellent website. The content is clear, concise and factual and has broadened my knowledge in a range of fascinating topics. I highly recommend the website to aviation enthusiasts, aspiring pilots and seasoned professionals alike.

Andreas Horn

Andreas Horn

Airline Pilot | founder of engineering pilot

Pilots Who Ask Why is an inspiring website covering relevant technical and operational topics. Always worth a visit!

Cian O'Leary

Cian O'Leary

HEMS Senior First Officer

Pilots Who Ask Why is a great resource for anyone interested in aviation from novice to professional. Full of easy to understand explanations on a range of topics, I frequently refer to the site to refresh my knowledge or learn something new. The team are keen to encourage discussion and learning in the aviation community to enhance knowledge on relevant topics.

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Jop Dingemans


• AW169 HEMS Commander
• Aerospace Engineer
• Former Flight Instructor

Janine Lythe


• S92 Senior First Officer
• Project Manager
• Former Flight Instructor


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