There! Passed my final skills test! I am now fully qualified as an IR pilot! The test went really really well and I am so pleased with the result. I am also so pleased we both managed to do it in the minimum hours required! While I am writing this it still has not fully sunk in yet for either of us. The weather last couple of days was quite cold and horrible (for what we are used to) including snow, so there was some worry about having to reschedule, delays etc. But after the weekend, the weather was actually not bad at all and last couple of days resulted in some nice pictures (see below).

My next step will be finding a job flying a multi engine helicopter. Most companies do not let people who just obtained their ME IR(H) fly Single Pilot IFR (SPIFR) before having a certain amount of experience, flying dead legs or as a copilot. So my first aim will be to get left seat work, unless I secure a job outside the VVIP market. I am so excited to embark on the next adventure, wether it’s flying for VVIP’s, air ambulance, offshore, search and rescue, police, it really does not matter at the moment, but my main focus will always be offshore. I would love to fly the most modern helicopters out there, which most of the time are flying offshore.

While preparing for my next step in my career though, I am looking forward to instructing again. Even when I do end up with the big guys, my love for instructing and the Cabri will probably never end. From this Saturday onwards, I will be instructing again at Helicentre, back to VFR for now!

I would like to thank Clive Clark and Ian Lunt for their amazing customer service and dedication. Clive went out of his way to teach us and provided us with way more than expected. We learned a lot of lessons from him that we can apply to more than just flying a helicopter around. It’s been an amazing 9 weeks. He made us pass with the minimum hours required, it could not have been more efficient. If anyone reading this is looking to do an EASA ME IR(H), I strongly recommend VVB Aviation, and no I’ve not been paid to say that.

Thanks to everyone else for all the lovely support. Don’t worry, I have decided to continue my blog throughout my career. So wherever I’ll end up, the pictures, videos and insights you’re used to here will never stop coming through! Next up: commencing as many selections / gradings / base visits as I can! If you know anyone in need of a co-pilot, please shoot me a message at jopdingemans@icloud.com. Speak soon!

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