Done! Passed the AS355 Type Rating skill test! The whole type rating course was over in a flash looking back at it, we only started last week and now we are ready for the next step after exactly the minimum course hour requirement of 8 hours: the simulator!

The last bit of the course was all about loads of repetition and getting really efficient with the emergency drills as well as getting used to the autopilot functions and using them efficiently. It is still quite weird to fly solely on the autopilot, initiating turns by turning a knob rather than a cyclic movement, but we are definitely getting there.

One of our last flights was a flight straight through London, which was awesome to fly. Talking to Heathrow and getting a height, speed and heading you have to nail in a helicopter that is flying twice as fast as you’re used to with different ways of flying was awesome fun but also quite challenging!

As you can see I’ve included some shots from the trip. We were flying over the Thames, London Eye, Westminster, Buckingham Palace, and a lot more! ATC is really helpful here as long as you adhere to whatever they say. Normally you have to follow specified routes called the helilanes, but in a multi engine helicopter we were allowed to fly right over congested area, still getting used to it!

After all the checklist practice runs, emergency drills and aircraft fact sheet hammering, we are now multi engine rated and getting ready for the similator. We will do about 40 hours in it. It is all about the procedures like holdings, SIDs, STARs, flying the ILS and other IFR manoeuvres.

Then after that we will do those in actual IMC for about 10 hours! We can’t wait and after a couple of beers tonight we’ll start right away with the next step, I’ll post again soon!

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Jop Dingemans

AW169 HEMS Commander | Founder of Pilots Who Ask Why | Aerospace Engineer | Former Flight Instructor


Mjon · October 14, 2017 at 4:18 PM


Nicky · October 11, 2017 at 8:50 PM

Geweldig Jop, klinkt allemaal super!

Mriek · October 11, 2017 at 6:44 PM

Cool! De AS355 test in the pocket! Gefeli JOP!

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