700 Hour update

There, new milestone. I just hit 700 hours! Last couple of weeks have been awesome fun with a lot of flying. New students, new experiences, pipeline patrols and lots of studying / prep for my IR. I did some flight discovery days as well. Which is about showing a new student what flying helicopters is like, this of course includes a private site landing at a restaurant called Barnsdale lodge, took some cool shots last week!

The patrol I was helping on is covering a JETA1 fuel line going throughout the entire country, from Humberside to London, Bristol, Liverpool and Leicester, I took some pictures along the way / in the hotels:


I also flew with my family, who came all the way from the Netherlands to fly with me! Was a lot of fun:

Next, I jut uploaded my first tutorial for my fellow students / pilots needing a refresher on the CRP5 flight computer basics, expect much more to come!

While my schedule is getting busier as summer is approaching, I also get closer and closer to my next step in my career, so there’s lots of stuff to do. Speak soon! 

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