There, new milestone. I just flew my 700th flight hour in helicopters! Last couple of weeks have been awesome fun with a lot of flying. New students, new experiences, pipeline patrols and lots of studying / prep for my IR.

I did some flight discovery days as well. Which is about showing a new student what flying helicopters is like, this of course includes a private site landing at a restaurant called Barnsdale lodge, took some cool shots last week!

The patrol I was helping on is covering a JETA1 fuel line going throughout the entire country, from Humberside to London, Bristol, Liverpool and Leicester, I took some pictures along the way / in the hotels:


I also flew with my family, who came all the way from the Netherlands to fly with me! Was an amazing feeling to teach them to hover:

Next, I jut uploaded my first tutorial for my fellow students / pilots needing a refresher on the CRP5 flight computer basics, expect much more to come!
While my schedule is getting busier as summer is approaching, I also get closer and closer to my next step in my career, so there’s lots of stuff to do. To read about how it all started and my first solo flight in a helicopter, check out this post. Speak soon! 

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Jop Dingemans

AW169 HEMS Commander | Founder of Pilots Who Ask Why | Aerospace Engineer | Former Flight Instructor

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Nom · July 1, 2017 at 6:00 PM

You are doing great, Jop 👍🏼
Happy for you😍

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