My first year as an instructor has been amazing! It has not been an easy road to get here, with lots of sacrifices, but so worth it. The exercises, the views, teaching, student progression, learning so much every day, it is all very rewarding. I have logged about 650 hours now!

When I started my training in April 2014 I couldn’t even have hoped for progression like this, everything is going according to plan, I even won the FI scholarship, which helped me so much financially. 

The question is, what is the next step? I love my job and definitely want to stay at Helicentre as long as I can but my ATPL(H) theory is running out soon wich means I am going to start my Instrument Rating at the end of September!

This course will teach me to fly (bigger) multi-engine helicopters that are certified to fly through clouds and in poor weather conditions, using the instruments on board, autopilots and other systems to navigate. The course will take place near London (Elstee Airport) in the AS355 ‘Twin Squirrel’ and will take about 8 weeks.

I can’t wait and will update my blog every couple of days as I have so much interest from people who are curious about the process and want to stay up to date. 

I usually take my GoPro with me during flights, which resulted in some amazing snaps. I am planning to edit some videos as well, have a look below for a tiny selection from last couple of months and this link for my first video!

I’ll keep in touch!


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Jop Dingemans

AW169 HEMS Commander | Founder of Pilots Who Ask Why | Aerospace Engineer | Former Flight Instructor


Mama Nom · April 17, 2017 at 6:21 PM

Zo fijn te weten dat je zó geniet❣️
Hoop dat je dit lijntje kunt blijven lopen…proud about you😍❣️💋

Mriek · April 17, 2017 at 1:27 PM

Top JOP!! Fijn om je belevenissen te volgen! En wat een prachtige foto’s! Succes en een dikke kuz

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