Sitting 3

Alright, almost there! I just received confirmation of passing all my exams for sitting 3! Now there is only two left and then, finally, the real fun begins: non-stop hour building! I got my R44 exam to pass, my Bell 206 typerating lined up, and after that my CPL course starts, can’t wait! But first things first: passing my last 2 exams. These were the last results:

Performance: 100%
Meteorology: 96%
IFR Communications: 100%
Radio Navigation: 97%

Really happy with my results! Currently on 96% average, and planning to keep it that way! 🙂

In addition to that, all my company processes are finally done! So much effort, but I managed to get through my VAT reclaim, which is a huge amount of money for me, so my day couldn’t be any better! Had a short trip to the Netherlands as well. So nice to see my girlfriend/family/friends again! But back on track now, 25/7. Next update in three weeks!


4 thoughts on “Sitting 3

  1. Wat een enorm grandioze score Jop! Echt fantastisch!! Je werkt er serieus voor ….prachtig als je dan zulke resultaten behaald.
    Het was leuk je weer even thuis te zien. Succes met de komende periode hoor!


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