Solo Cross Country


There, done! After some more solo navigation, more practiced forced landings, confined area training and advanced autorotations, I completed my solo QCC! I went from Leicester to Gamston Airport, from there to Peterborough Conington, and back to Leicester Airport! The weather was really good, although sometimes a little gusty, but overall it was great!


I have flown about 55 hours now (including 8 hours solo). I need 2 more solo hours and some other trainings but I am definitely close to my PPL skill test now! The flying has been amazing, I learned so much last couple of months, I wouldn’t have thought it would go as fast as this, so I am really happy about my progress!

In the meantime I got my Radio Telephony license and I also did some groundcrew work at helicentre. I can work as fire and resque cover and with helping out during passenger flights, which all adds up really nicely with my experience in this ‘world’. Last week we had a full day of passenger flights on another site. After which I was able to fly back to Leicester in the backseat of a Bell 206 Jetranger!


Anyways, I am working as hard as I can while also taking some rest now and then. Hopefully I will be able to do my Skill test soon! Maaike is also coming over tomorrow for a couple of days, will be good fun!

Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Solo Cross Country

  1. Hé Jop, dat klinkt geweldig allemaal zeg! We zijn trots op je! Fijne dagen komende week en succes met de laatste loodjes!
    Have fun!


  2. Leuk jop, wat een prestatie man!
    Zo cool dat jij je jongensdroom aan het verwezenlijken bent.
    Fijn dat ik je kan volgen hier en daar en natuurlijk hoor ik van je ouders ook het een en ander.
    Begrijp dat Maaike nu bij je is, nou dat is dan een mooi rustpuntje voor jullie samen.
    Veel plezier en een zoen voor jullie allebei xx


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