There we go! I completed my first solo flight in a helicopter! After a flight with a lot of different exercises, emergency procedures and questions about system failures, the instructor said: “land over here, I am happy to say you can go solo!”.


I landed next to the H and let Simon out of the helicopter, he attached the seatbealts to the left seat and informed me my call sign was now “Student Helicentre 20” instead of “Helicentre 20” (to inform ATC this is my first solo) and that I was going to be just fine! He closed the door and walked to the H, giving me a thumbs up.

So this was it, my first solo! I did my last checks, did a 90 degree turn to the right to check behind me. Everything clear! So I did the radio call, this time using my student callsign, and after they acknowledged my call, I took off.

After entering the circuit I looked to my left and had to tell myself I really was flying alone now, it felt quite awesome. After the circuit I did my approach and landed in front of Simon, next to the H.


Last couple of days were amazing not only because my solo. Maaike was here again! We enjoyed everything as much as we could and had a beautiful time together!

I passed all my exams now except for my practical radio test. The scholarship deadline has been delayed to july the 31st so I got some more time to get where I need to be! Now that I am solo, I have to fly at least 10 hours solo, and do a navigation flight as well as a cross country flight with land aways, so a lot more stuff to get in to!

I’ll keep in touch!

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Jop Dingemans

AW169 HEMS Commander | Founder of Pilots Who Ask Why | Aerospace Engineer | Former Flight Instructor


Ids · June 10, 2014 at 11:18 AM

Jop, it is really exiting to see that you are making so much progress in a such a short timeframe!
I’m confident you will get your PPL before the new deadline. Have a great day, Ids

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