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Alright it’s been a while. But I have done a lot more PPL flying and theory exams, and while I haven’t flown that much since my last update, I’ve still made a lot of progress! 

During my training, my girlfriend Maaike came to see me. We booked a ticket before I went to the UK and so week she was here for a couple of days. We had an amazing time, unfortunately she has not seen me fly because of the weather and I was also not able to give her a short flight.

But we got another free ticket from KLM because of some planning issues which is why we see eachother at the end of the month again! 

Last couple of flights were about hovering and flying approaches, It is going very well. I try to get the most out of every flight, looking at mistakes and correcting them asap. It all seems to work out really well so far.

Yesterday we did a fire rescue and first aid course, which everyone needs who want to work at helicentre, whether as ground crew or as an instructor. We learned about all kinds of fire and what kind of extinguisher we should use. After the theory course we did a practical as well!

Four different kinds of fire, so the objective was to use the right fire extinguisher: water, foam, C02 or dry powder. It was a lot of fun and i learned a lot. All of that followed by a small test, which I passed 100%. 


During the first aid we did CPR practice and learned bandaging techniques and learned to recognise the symptoms someone can have during a choke, stroke, seizure or other issues such as a heart attack. All very informative!

I also completed three more theoretical PPL exams! 100% for radiotelephony, 95% for principles of helicopter flight and 100% for aircraft general knowledge! Only three more to go, which I am going to take next wednesday and the week after that! This is my list of the exams:

Air Law – 100%
Human Performance and Limitations – 100%
Operational Procedures – 95%
Aircraft General Knowledge – 100%
Principles of Helicopter Flight – 95%
Radiotelephony – 100%
Meteorology – N/A
Navigation – N/A
Flight Planning and Performance – N/A

After my exams the amount of flying hours a week will increase a lot. So I am really looking forward smashing the last three exams in order to boost my flying skills! To read about my experience during my first solo flight, check out this post.


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Nom · May 11, 2014 at 7:34 PM

Hij gaat lekker Jop! Hou vast deze flow….op naar de laastet 3 toetsen en je kunt LOS!!!
XXX, mama Nom

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