After a lot of both studying and flying, I made a lot of progress! I got my first hover lesson, which went absolutely perfect! Hovering is so much fun, but hard to get the hang of. It takes familiarisation with the pedals, cyclic and collective, and their secondary side effects. Change one input, and the other 2 need to change as well. After the hovering we also did air taxing and spot turns, which are turns while staying on the same spot. It was so exciting to be aware of the fact that the controls become muscle memory after some practicing! It went so good that we even practiced take-off and landings! And at the end of the lesson, I even landed on the apron for the first time!

Another exciting lesson for me was the autorotation practice. Autorotation is an emergency procedure that is used in case of an engine failure. So during practice we basically shut down power (not the engine). The rate of descent increases a lot and because of this descent (results in airflow coming from below the blades), the blades keep turning. The idea is to convert the vertical speed into power before you hit the ground, and then land safely. Really cool to practice, and important as well! It went pretty well, so the next step for me is to practice it near the ground!


More exciting news, the 3rd Cabri just arrived! It just came all the way from Guimbal in France, I’ll fly in it today as well! Helicentre will also be able to give students a chance to get a Bachelor’s Degree if they completed the CPL(H) course, which is pretty unique around the world and also opens up funding possibilities from the government!

Last but not least, I passed my first 3 exams! Human Factors 100%, Operational Procedures 94% and Air Law 100% as well! I am happy with it! 6 more to go!

The weather suprises me a lot, overall it is like this, which is not that common at all for Leicester:


Stay tuned for more!

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