Study time


So the Cabris got some problems with the throttle control, which apparently means I will not be flying for the coming days (also because of the weekend). My first upcoming flight would probably be monday at 9.30 AM. So only one useful thing to do: studying! There are 9 PPL exams. I need to pass all of them with a score of at least 75% within 6 sittings at most. Since I want to get my PPL before the 30th of June, I’d better start studying right away!

In total I logged 4 flying hours already! Best experiences ever, and there’s a lot more to come. The weather has been perfect, which allowed me to fly above the clouds! Pretty amazing feeling to navigate through the clouds with a helicopter, looking down with the surface of the earth between my feet! 

I learn so much everyday! The last flight was about turning while descending or climbing, which is pretty hard in the beginning, but I am getting the hang of it! Everything seems to work out great! And as you can see, the weather keeps getting better and better!


My new room is really nice by the way, this morning I woke up with some sunshine:


Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Study time

    1. Hee jop dat ziet er allemaal goed uit! Hoorde dat je weinig vliegt omdat er eentje aan de grond staat.. Balen! Maar…meer tijd om te studeren dan maar …!?😳
      Veel succes en leuk je beetje te volgen! Via je ouders blijf ik ook lekker bij… 😊⭐️👍☀️🙋


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