I’ve officially started my PPL(H) training! I received all my required flight equipment today. Straight after getting my 4G contract, a bike, a property meeting and some other stuff, I went to the airport to meet all the guys and ladies at Helicentre and to get my equipment.

Everything is here except for 1 book and my flight suit, so I need to wait a bit more for those. The school is currently 15 minutes away by bike from my hotel in Great Glen, so not too bad! This is going to be my travel mate for the next couple of months:


Tomorrow I will begin at 0815 with a briefing about getting started at Helicentre as well as some general stuff. After that I will make three flights in the Cabri G2! One flight should take about just less than 1 hour, so that will be a fair amount of flying straight away.

I really can not wait to start and I am super excited! During the initial strage of training I am not going to use my GoPro yet, because I need to focus on other things first. The videos will come soon enough! For now, I will prepare some last things for tomorrow and make sure I have a proper night sleep until 0700! 

I will update soon.

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