The Beginning


After 8 years of looking forward, my helicopter adventure finally begins at Helicentre Aviation in Leicester (United Kingdom). I will be a Blades Pro student there, which means I will be trained ab-initio to Flight Instructor. The helicopter I will be training on is the Cabri G2. The most modern training helicopter to date.

The first couple of months will be all about getting my Private Pilot License (PPL). This allows me to fly whenever I please, alone or with friends, but I am not allowed yet to use my flying skills commercially. So after that, my Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training will start. When I finish my practical and theoretical CPL exams, I will start with my Flight Instructor (FI) training, which allows me to become a flight instructor for my first job. The training will take at least 14 months, but the estimate is around 20 months from begin to end.

If I manage to get my PPL before the 30th of June, I will get a chance to compete for the CPL scholarship, which is given to only one student. This scholarship covers the costs for the CPL training (£60.000). So I am going to give it my best shot!

Tomorrow, the 5th of April, 10 AM, I will fly to the UK. I will arrive 2 days in advance to get some stuff done regarding my life there.

More is coming, stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Hoi Jop,
    Ik zal zeker regelmatig jouw blog volgen !!!
    Go for it, follow your dream …
    Maar bovenal geniet ervan !!!
    Hartelijke groet,
    Stefan (je weet wel van de Service Balie)…


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